OpenOcean a protocol of great opportunities

In recent months, the crypto ecosystem has experienced an exponential growth of users, every day, more and more people join the different blockchain networks, this is something very positive in terms of adoption and usability, however, more traffic means greater challenges. Before OpenOcean, there were no platforms that could aggregate in one place the chains belonging to DeFi and CeFi, in order to facilitate cryptocurrency trading to a higher number of people from one place.

OpenOcean multiple solutions in one place

Bringing all DeFi and CeFi platforms together in one place is certainly a masterstroke, OpenOcean interface is designed so that both experienced and novice cryptocurrency traders can choose the chain of their choice and find the best exchange prices by dividing them into routes to get the best price and lowest slippage trades.

OpenOcean is the first complete DeFi and CeFi aggregator, it allows its users to choose between DEX or CEX to trade at the best market price, after comparing prices and liquidity, through its one-stop trading window.

Before OpenOcean there were only DeFi aggregators such as 1Inch Exchange, where only assets belonging to decentralized public chains can be traded, leaving aside the opportunity for assets from centralized exchanges such Binance to be traded as well, dramatically reducing the scope of action for cryptocurrency traders. OpenOcean allows trading assets belonging to DEX and CEX and this makes it the most comprehensive aggregator in the cryptocurrency market.

Advantages of trading on OpenOcean

  • Instant trading.
  • Possibility of quantitative arbitrage.
  • Possibility of cross-chain transactions.
  • Provides API for investment strategies.
  • Routing with better slippage.
  • Guarantees better price, and fees.

Do users have to pay additional fees for trading on your platform?

The prices determined by OpenOcean are fully transparent, DeFi users do not pay additional fees for trading on its protocol, they are not charged for the current routing function.

Fees are generated from:

  • Institutional investors executing the investment strategy through their customized user interface.
  • API available to traders and institutions.
  • PME (Primary Membership Edition).
  • Its combined margin products.
  • Its wealth management service.

Which blockchains are currently supported with OpenOcean?

OpenOcean is compatible with:

  • Ethereum Network.
  • Binance Smart Chain.
  • Tron Network.
  • Ontology Network.

Blockchains to be supported soon:

  • Solana.
  • Ethereum Layer2.
  • Polkadot.

On the other hand, Binance is the only centralized platform it currently supports.

OpenOcean arrived to become a real solution for traders who wish to trade on both DeFi and CeFi, its intuitive interface and ability to give immediate feedback on the best existing prices in those markets make it the most robust and complete aggregator today, is undoubtedly an ocean of great opportunities contained in one place.

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Abogado, entusiasta de la blockchain y el ecosistema Cripto.

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Eudomar Parra Mendoza

Eudomar Parra Mendoza

Abogado, entusiasta de la blockchain y el ecosistema Cripto.

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